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Have you ever wondered how to actually get shit done and not get distracted all the time and grow your lash business? How to make more money in your Eyelash Extensions business by being more efficient? With these 3 tips you can grow any business, starting today. For real.

Is this You? You start one thing and then all of a sudden you think of something else and start doing that. You accumulate many different things that you never finish. Sounds about right? This happens as a creative mind. You have so many business ideas and then something called “life” is catching up with you at the same time.

In your everyday life, the paperwork is turning into a mountain, the kids bedroom floors are slowly disappearing and that lash order we needed to put in keeps being pushed forward on the “to do list”.  Oh… and you should really go to the shops to be able to provide your family with “healthy and nutritious” meals. But take- away it is, once again. The Indian Lady already greets you by name as you walk in. ( Sad but true story. lol)Lash Business
Make more money in your Eyelash Extensions business.
I used to be in the same boat. Overwhelmed, unorganized and Inefficient and frustrated because of it..
For years and years I suffered from “Shiny Object Syndrome”. (Well, I must admit. . .Its’ still there from time to time but I have learnt to focus a lot more and deal with it.) Lash Business
In business I wanted to be good at everything. I was a jack of all trades, constantly beaming with ideas. My husband thought I was cray cray…And at the same time I still needed to “run” a family. Lash Business
My businesses over the years were all beauty related. Well, apart from the kids online clothing store. 😆
Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy, Network Marketing, Wedding Hair & Makeup, Making my own MakeUp, Lashes , Cosmetic Tattooing. Sound familiar?
Is it getting you anywhere?  Make more money in your Eyelash Extensions business.
It didn’t get me anywhere…I got flustered and irritable. Unorganised and a little depressed. I just put too much on myself. Lash Business
 Make more money in your Eyelash Extensions business.

If this sounds like you…..

Maybe it’s time you took a step back and re-evaluated what is really your passion?
Is that you want to be good in everything REALLY what you want?  What would your family life be like?
Or are you jealous of others that can do something and you HAVE to try and do it as well? I get it. I was there…and I decided, after a mayor midlife-crisis, that I needed to focus on one thing. 
And that’s how Lash Tribe was born.

My Lash Business Thrived. 

Lash Tribe is to date the biggest FREE Lash Help Facebook group. Join us here if you aren’t a member yet.
After making the decision to concentrate on one thing, the other things that helped me grow were of course several things and not just 3.
To help you in your journey, here are now the main 3 tips that will make you more efficient and in return will make you more money in your lash business.

1. Have a plan/lists and stick to one thing at a time 

2. Be consistent Lash Business

3. Work hard & Care for yourself

You will see what can grow from it. Amazing things! 
Make more money in your Eyelash Extensions business.

The 1st thing is to stay on top of everything.

Be organised, plan ahead and make lists.
In the end of 2016 I sat down and made a 2017 list. I do this every year. I filled in big events, small events, meetings, holidays, work trips… Once you visually put down what is to come you already feel a lot less flustered.
I then broke down my list to weekly and daily tasks. Every day I write on my to do list the things that need to be done by me in order to move forward and make money. Lash Business
I then move onto the things that need to be done in the house. Sometimes I outsource things, like a cleaner ever 2 weeks.
This gives me 4 more hours to work on building my business.
Make yourself a list of thing that you can outsource. How much does a cleaner cost per hour? How much could you make in an hour if you saw a client instead? What do you think is more profitable? You have my answer. I have a cleaner.
 Make more money in your Eyelash Extensions business.
These are basic outsourcing strategies that I also teach in my business and branding course. It save you time. Time is money. that is not just a saying. it’s true. Lash Business

You can always make more money… but you can never make more time. That’s why time is always more valuable to me. 

2. Lists work. Lash Business

You may not think so in the beginning, but they do work. Follow the projects that make you the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time possible. Your ROI ( Return on investment) needs to be worth it.
For example, if  you work on a project that will take you 10 hours to complete and make you $1000 in the end and then you have another project that will make you $200 in 1 hours of prep you will make $2000 if you spent the same amount of time on project 2 that you spend on on project 1. That means that you should be working on project 2 first.  It’s more profitable.

So I hope you are going to start making lists, plans and woking out your ROI’s. Keep in mind, an investment is not only $ amounts you spend , it’s also your time. How much is your time worth to you?

Once you have mapped out a plan, be consistent and follow it through. I would re-evaluate on a monthly bases if you are prioritising the things that bring you the most ROI. And yes, it works. Lash Business

3. Working hard and smart and care for yourself

Self-explanatory. Make sure you work whenever and wherever you can when you have it planned. Watching Netflix all day has never made anyone money. If you find someone who does, let me know 🙂

Please only work hard on the things that make sense and give you results. Work on one project at a time. Don’t get side tracked. Lash Business

Working on a lot of things at the same time will never bring you the results you want. FOCUS ON 1. 

Take time-out when you need it. Schedule in a few hours of self-care per week. Eat regularly and please do me a favour and go to the toilet when you need to or drink a glass of water. your client won’t mind. Read a good book, make a cuppa and sit back for 30 mins per day. Without Self-care you will quickly burn out.

These 3 points are a great starting point to grow your Lash Business. I hope you got some value from it. Please leave me a comment below if you did.


Julia Mann

International Eyelash Extensions Trainer, Lash Tribe

M: 0433063053
E: [email protected]
Skype: juliamann81
Stay awesome and don’t forget to sparkle! xxx

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