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Hi, there gorgeous!

I am Julia Mann, I help women (and men) like you to become super confident in lashing as well as in business with lots of return customers. I offer lash training in Brisbane on campus, as well as online. I founded my Lash Help Group “Lash Tribe” in early 2016 and consequently, we now have  30K members worldwide. I am all about giving Value and helping people. I soon realised how much help was actually needed. Additionally, many of my members come to Lash Tribe and do our Eyelash Extensions Training, because they feel stuck, have attended other training that cost them a lot of money without learning anything new, or don’t know whether to continue to lash. If you are looking for ways to improve your skills in lashes and business, you have come to the right place!

I’m Here To Show You The Ins & Outs Of A Successful Business

Right now you are struggling to find the best Eyelash Extensions Course that will give you absolutely everything you will need to become an amazing Lash Stylist and teach you all the ins and outs about building a successful business. Although, maybe you have already done one or two lash courses but they have left you rather disappointed and confused and you were hoping for something that would give you the support that you need long-term.

Eyelash Extensions Training can actually work.

You are hoping to master all those tips, tricks, and techniques that all the fancy lash trainers know about to produce those magazine-worthy Lashes… however, sitting in front of your client with all of those natural lashes makes you quite nervous and the smallest setback will make you want to quit. You are thinking “Am I good enough? Will I get enough clients ? Will I be able to quit my full time job? What will my partner think? And finally, can Lashing really be a full time career and not just a hobby?” Sound familiar?

When you train with us:

  • You will feel positive and empowered… that’s just who I am and how I like others to feel.
  • You feel like we’ve known each other for years, even if you don’t meet me in person and just see me in my online videos.
  • You can be certain I’ll hold a caffeinated beverage (I have 2 kids)
  • And perhaps you will start to either love or hate the saying: ” Change your thoughts-Change your life”. I do say that a lot. 

Want To Know More? Here’s My Story.

14 years ago I started a little hair & beauty business in my garage with no Eyelash Extensions Training in sight.  It was scary leaving the hair salon I worked for and starting up my own biz… F….ing Scary! “However, I was in the Beauty Industry for over 19 years and involved in almost EVERYTHING you can imagine… Hairdressing, Makeup, Cosmetic Tattooing, Beauty Therapy, and Eyelash Extensions. I even had my own homemade Makeup brand at some stage. Gahhh… You name it, I’ve probably done it.

I was not successful from the get-go.

I was a jack(ass) of all trades and actually almost quit a few years back… Throughout the last few years I have run a home salon. But let me tell ya: Running a home salon wasn’t always easy. Especially not with 2 kids! Firstly: How would I manage to find clients? Secondly: How could I actually make a lot of money? Thirdly” How would I fit this around kids?

 The first few lash clients.

Well. Somehow I managed to get a few clients into the door but I was never making a lot of money though.. Just working many hours. I never had any $$ spare and I was honestly too scared to look at my income vs. outgoings. I didn’t have to because my husband was making ok money at the time, so I wasn’t really that bothered.

I had NO idea how to manage money and actually run at a profit.
Let’s go back to 2013. Oh dear… this is really personal to talk about actually, but here goes…

I was working a lot of late nights, missing out on my 2 young kids bed time, cuddles while they went to sleep and time with my hubby.

Although it was a normal thing for me to work 4-5 nights per week, I didn’t see results. At 11pm I was finally finished, opened my salon door and realized the house was dark and everyone, including my husband, were already asleep….lash training was far away at that stage.

Eyelash Extensions Training Julia Mann
At a recent event with Tony Robbins. Teaching business.

In Late 2014 I Finally Took A Look At My Business…

…because my husband knew that it couldn’t go on like this and finally sat me down. (bout time. lol) So after 2 days of writing EVERYTHING down in detail, because I never tracked anything in my business prior….. I almost fainted. For the past 2 years I was losing money. A lot. I worked my ASS off for all of those years! I did late nights, had no family time… and I ran at a loss!!! I was basically giving away services for free. I cried and cried. I couldn’t believe it. I was embarrassed.

I Here’s What I Finally Realised:

  • I wasn’t charging enough.
  • The products cost more money than I made and most of all,
  • I saw my home salon as a hobby and not as a proper business.

I was too soft with my business approach and didn’t really know much about outgoings vs. income.

I loved my clients and I thought, by giving a lot of freebies, cheaper prices etc.

I would actually be busier and more liked, have more clients and more money.

Sound familiar??

I was crying a lot.

That was a big mistake! After a week of crying, depression and considering going back to work for someone (gulp- hated it), I decided to give this one last go.

I needed to change my mindset, my money believes and really concentrate on the business side of things. So basically…Have a do-over.


I had to put on my big girl pants and actually learn how a profitable business was run.

For real.

Getting a business Coach.

At my wits end, and scraping together our savings, I did a couple of business courses, online coaching and with the help of my mentors and a lot of research, it finally worked out in my favour.

I knew what I needed to do.

The result: I built a 7 figure business, traveled the world , won lots of awards…all because of lash training and my Tribe. 

Now, I own one of the biggest Lash Training Academies in the world!

Now I teach you how to do the same.

All in all It is about lashes, as well as business and branding. Additionally  also to build amazingly fulfilling and successful businesses.

It’s all about being consistent, learning the best skills and business practices.

By the time I have taught you everything I know, with the help of our guest trainers and our amazing community, NOTHING can stop you from creating the business of your dreams, amazing Lashes and a full booking system with clients that will become raving fans. With the right guidance and with the right lash training.

I am looking forward to working with you soon…:-)

XOXO, Julia

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