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Today, social media marketing is at the top of business promotion. As this generation is engrossed in mobile connection, businesses are grasping the idea that the way to reach their clients is through Social Media.

Facebook is a widely used social networking website that has gained popularity in the marketing sector because it is the most practical choice in the business promotion game. I’m pretty sure that if not all, but a large 90% of businesses today use Facebook to get their businesses recognized. Therefore, it is extremely important that we understand how Facebook works; its rules and regulations.

Have you ever heard of Facebook Jail? Well, first, I thought it was just a myth until I experienced it myself.




What is Facebook Jail?

“A more accurate description of Facebook’s Jail is when users are blocked or banned (by Facebook) from posting on the site or accessing their account, due to violations or spammy behavior. Worst-case-scenario is that this “jail” could also lead to a Facebook account being deleted entirely.”

Horrifying right?

Imagine having your life’s work — your business connects, prospective clients and don’t forget the posts you have tirelessly conceived — just deleted. Banished from the internet’s realm completely.

I was so devastated because I was sent to Facebook Jail for 7 days! I was about to launch my 6 Weeks Biz Transformation Program back then but I ended up in Facebook Jail instead.

I think this is what happened…

So I had a Free workshop that I wanted to promote and I posted the link to a couple of Facebook groups that are not my group and I think that they reported me and if they didn’t, Facebook probably did it.

The thing is, I was copying and pasting too fast… it was a copy + paste action and Facebook may have blocked me.

I actually appealed to Facebook but nothing happened. 🙁

I definitely learned my lesson and has done research on preventive measures to stay away from Facebook Jail. Let me share with you some tips I’ve learned.


How can we Avoid Being Sent to Facebook Jail?


  1. Produce Original Content on your Facebook Posts

This is one of the most important strategies to prevent getting blocked. Users often get sent to Jail because of images downloaded from Google and most of these images are already marked as SPAM. And, when you create graphics or posts using these images, Facebook will also probably mark these as spam.

One brilliant way of bypassing this is by using free, legal images. I personally use Shutterstock and Unsplash. These sites have HD quality stock images that you can freely use in your graphics and posts.

Creating your own content in terms of files, docs etc. is essentially big when you want to avoid being blocked by Facebook. Sharing the same file by many, different users at once can also be spammed by Facebook so you should be careful and avoid doing so.


  1. Schedule Posts in a Timely Manner

We are all guilty of hastily posting content especially when we are running a promo, therefore, oftentimes, we post the same content in several groups or business pages at the same time. This is a big No-No. Once they notice this action, you will most likely get spotted as SPAM and be thrown to jail.

Let some time pass between posts. Yes, we know that urgency and productivity should be a priority especially in businesses but setting a certain amount of time gap between posts wouldn’t hurt — at least a few minutes is fine.

I recommend you use a Scheduling App for social media so that you don’t have to wait around the clock every time you are ready to post. Facebook has their own scheduling option wherein you just choose the date and time for your post to be active and then that’s it! Easy and convenient.

There are also several other applications you can use like Buffer, Hootsuite, and many others. Do your research 🙂


  1. Understand how Facebook Works

We may use Facebook on a daily basis but do we really understand the fine print o the Terms and Conditions? I guess not because most of us did not read it. lol Well, if I’m speaking for myself, I definitely did not.

However, I found an article while I was stuck in Facebook Jail and it gave me some insights on how to understand Facebook better.

You should not use your business name and create a personal account. I suggest that you create your own personal profile and from there, create a business page for your business (as intended) and groups as needed. For instance, in my case, I have my personal Facebook account with my full name and then I created a business page, Julia Mann – Lash Tribe for my business and also, groups for my VIP courses.

These simple tips can surely help you to stay away from the Facebook Jail and I hope you keep these in mind.

What to do when you are already blocked?

When you are blocked permanently, then you’re in real trouble. There is no way to recover it. Just mourn your account for a day or two and then create a new one. Just be sure to create your new Facebook account with a different email address or phone number from the one you used before because the Facebook bots might scan it and before you know it, your new account might get blocked too!

Now, if you are just temporarily blocked, you can still be saved.

One thing you can do is to appeal.

This is actually the first thing that I did but unfortunately, nothing happened. I guess the Facebook team responds automatically and there is no option to unblock the account. And it’s so frustrating. I was so irritated because Facebook made an appeal option but there is no actuality on it. So I just took a deep breathe and waited.

Yes, another option is to wait it out.

The waiting game.. All you can do is wait. You have to wait until you’re unblocked again. In my case, it took 7 days.

And when you have your account back (Hallelujah!), don’t repeat the same mistakes! And I don’t know this for sure but I think if you get blocked again, it will be for a longer restriction or you might be blocked PERMANENTLY!

PS. When you have established and understood more thoroughly the Facebook rules, here are 5 Strategies to Get your Eyelash Extensions Business to the Top of Google Search that can help you out.

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