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Brow Lamination, Design & Tint

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Our brow lamination is your ticket to flawlessly groomed, fuller-looking brows. This treatment expertly restructures your brow hairs, giving you a sleek, well-kept look that lasts for up to 8 weeks.

Say goodbye to unruly or thin-looking brows and hello to a polished, confidence-boosting appearance.

Ideal for both women and men, our personalized service ensures your brows complement your unique style and facial features.

Brow Lamination, Design & Tint:

We are able to straighten your natural hair to create any brow shape you want and then give your brows the perfect color (tint) This service is also great for anyone with sparse areas or gaps in their eye-brows.



Return clients within 6 weeks enjoy 20% off

Hybrid Brow Design $65

Enjoy a brow sculpt & experience the best of both worlds with our Infinity Hybrid Brows at Lash Tribe. A perfect fusion of traditional tint and henna application, this innovative technique ensures permanent color on the hair until it naturally regrows, offering you long-lasting, spectacular results.

Whether you’re aiming for sharply defined brows or a softer, more natural look, our Infinity Hybrid Tint can be customized to match your unique style. This method not only lasts longer on the hair but also leaves a stunning stain that can last up to two weeks. And remember, returning clients within 6 weeks enjoy a special 20% discount!

Brow Custom Design & Tint $ 55

Indulge in a personalized eyebrow treatment designed just for you at Lash Tribe and Ink Pro Artistry. Our exceptional tint formula, paired with a custom-blended color, is meticulously crafted to achieve your ideal brow look and hair stain. Henna is also available.

For clients who prefer an alternative to waxing, we offer a precision tweezing service – perfect for those with sensitive skin. Returning clients within 6 weeks enjoy a special 20% discount.

Brow Sculpt (no tint) $45

Brow Tint (no waxing or tweezing) $45

Returning clients within 6 weeks enjoy a special 20% discount.




Chin $15

Sides of face $ 25

Lip $15


What is brow lamination, and how does it work?

This treatment involves:

Personalized Brow Styling: We begin with a consultation to tailor the treatment to your unique brow shape and style preferences, ensuring results that complement your facial features.

The Lamination Process: A gentle formula is applied to soften and reposition the brow hairs, creating a fuller, more defined appearance. This step is perfect for taming unruly hairs and achieving that sought-after fluffy look.

Durable Results: Enjoy beautifully shaped brows for up to 6-8 weeks, with minimal maintenance required. This treatment is ideal for correcting various brow concerns, from gaps to asymmetry.

Comfort and Safety: Our experienced therapists use high-quality products in a hygienic, comfortable setting, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Expert Aftercare Advice: We provide essential tips, as well as products to maintain your laminated brows, prolonging their stunning appearance.

Does a brow lamination work on thin brows?

Absolutely! Brow lamination is a fantastic option even for those with thin brows. At Lash Tribe and Ink Pro Artistry in Teneriffe, Brisbane, we’ve seen how this treatment can transform and enhance brows of all types.

Here’s how brow lamination benefits thin brows:

Creates Fullness: The lamination process lifts and straightens each hair, covering more skin area. This gives an illusion of fuller, thicker brows, making it ideal for those with naturally sparse or thin eyebrows.

Enhances Shape: Our skilled therapists can manipulate the direction of the hair growth, creating a more defined and shapely brow. This is especially beneficial for thin brows, as it allows for a more polished look.

Customizable: Whether you’re looking for a subtle enhancement or a more dramatic change, brow lamination can be tailored to meet your desired look. We work closely with you to achieve the best possible outcome for your individual brow type.

Pairs Well with Other Treatments: For clients with very thin brows, brow lamination can be combined with other treatments like tinting, which can further enhance the appearance of thickness and fullness.

Low Maintenance: Once you’ve had your brows laminated, the upkeep is relatively minimal. This is particularly advantageous for those with thin brows, as it reduces the need for daily brow makeup application.

What should I expect from a brow waxing appointment at your salon?

Other than having 2 decades of experience in brows and using state of the art products, at Lash Tribe, Teneriffe, our brow waxing is all about precision and personalization.

Our skilled therapist will shape your brows to enhance your facial features, using high-quality wax suitable for all skin types. You’ll leave our salon with perfectly groomed brows that complement your style.


What is a hybrid tint for brows?

A hybrid tint for brows is a cutting-edge beauty treatment that blends the best aspects of traditional dye-based tints and natural henna. This service, offered at Lash Tribe and Ink Pro Artistry in Teneriffe, Brisbane, is an excellent choice for those seeking a more impactful and longer-lasting brow coloration. Here’s what makes hybrid tint unique:

Depth of Color: Hybrid tints provide a deeper, more saturated color compared to regular brow tints. This results in more pronounced and defined brows, perfect for those who desire a bolder look.

Longevity: One of the standout features of a hybrid tint is its longevity. It tends to last longer than traditional tints, maintaining its intensity for several weeks. This makes it a convenient option for clients who prefer a low-maintenance brow routine.

Dual Action: The hybrid tint not only colors the brow hairs but also lightly stains the skin underneath, giving the appearance of fuller and thicker brows. This is particularly beneficial for those with sparse or patchy brows.

Customizable Shades: At Lash Tribe and Ink Pro Artistry, our skilled therapists can customize the color of the hybrid tint to suit your hair color and skin tone, ensuring a natural and flattering look.

Safe and Gentle: We use high-quality, safe products for our hybrid tints. They are gentle on the skin and suitable for most clients, including those with sensitive skin.

Enhanced Brow Definition: By combining the properties of dye and henna, hybrid tints offer enhanced definition and shape to the brows, creating a more polished and groomed appearance.

What makes hybrid brow tints different from regular brow tints?

Color Intensity and Depth: Hybrid tints combine the qualities of traditional dye and natural henna, offering a more intense and richer color compared to regular tints. This results in brows that are more striking and defined.

Longevity: A standout feature of hybrid brow tints is their durability. They tend to last longer than standard brow tints, maintaining their color richness for a more extended period. This makes them ideal for clients looking for a long-lasting brow enhancement.

Skin Staining: Unlike regular tints that solely dye the brow hairs, hybrid tints also lightly stain the skin beneath the brows. This creates a fuller, denser appearance, which is particularly beneficial for those with sparser brows.

Customizable Shades: At our salon in Teneriffe, we customize the shade of the hybrid tint to perfectly match your hair color and skin tone. This ensures a natural-looking result that complements your overall appearance.

Versatility: Hybrid tints are versatile and suitable for a wide range of clients. Whether you have naturally thick, thin, or uneven brows, hybrid tints can enhance your natural brow shape and color.

Enhanced Definition: The combination of dye and henna in hybrid tints offers a more defined and polished look. This is ideal for clients who desire well-groomed and sculpted brows with minimal daily maintenance.

What does brow sculpting involve?

Brow sculpting is a comprehensive beauty treatment that involves a combination of techniques to shape and enhance the natural eyebrows. At Lash Tribe and Ink Pro Artistry in Teneriffe, Brisbane, our brow sculpting service includes several steps to achieve perfectly groomed and defined brows:

Consultation: The process begins with a thorough consultation to understand your desired brow shape, style preferences, and any concerns you might have. This ensures the final result aligns with your individual look and facial features.

Cleaning and Prepping: The brows are gently cleaned to remove any makeup or oils. This step ensures the treatments applied during the sculpting process work effectively.

Waxing and Tweezing: Precision waxing is used to remove excess hair and create a clean, defined brow line. Tweezing may follow to refine the shape and remove any stray hairs. This step is crucial in sculpting the overall shape of the brows.

Trimming: If needed, the brows are carefully trimmed to ensure a neat, even appearance. This helps in maintaining the shape and makes the brows easier to style.

Tinting (Optional): Depending on your preference and brow color, a tint may be applied to enhance the natural color of your brows, adding depth and fullness. This step is particularly useful for those with lighter or unevenly colored brows.

Styling and Setting: Finally, the brows are styled into place using specialized brow products. This not only showcases the new shape but also helps you envision how to style your brows daily.

Aftercare Advice: Our therapists provide expert advice on how to maintain your newly sculpted brows, including tips on grooming and product recommendations.


What our Customers are saying

Fist time someone cleaned my lashes properly

“I’ve had lash extensions done before, but my first visit to Julia was a game-changer. For the first time, I experienced what a proper lash cleaning should be like. She thoroughly cleaned my lashes before applying the extensions. I didn’t realize how much of a difference this step could make they definitely lasted way longer.  I’m definitely coming back – the level of care here is something I hadn’t found anywhere else!” -Janine M.-New Farm

Great first experience from the start

“I was new to lash extensions and a bit apprehensive, but Julia was fantastic. She helped me choose a style that really suited me, and the application process was surprisingly comfortable. I love my new, fuller lashes – they look so natural! The compliments I’ve been getting just confirm I made the right choice. Can’t wait for my next appointment!”- Lizzy- Teneriffe

Best Lift I have had!

“I had bad lash lift experiences before when they turned out way too curly. the other artist never rectified it. Julia assured me during the service constantly and the result was so much nicer! ” Vanessa R. – Newstead

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