Why is it that so many girls in the Lash Industry get intimidated by others online?

How can someone who has nothing to do with your business have such power over you?

I think the issue online today is that so many cyber bullies are hiding behind their screens. You know, those kinds of girls that are bored, probably unhappy with their own lives and just out to cause trouble. It fulfills some kind of sick need for them. And then, of course, there are those that are watching what others are doing online and start to get jealous and just simply wanna tear you down.

I have had my fair share of those cyber bullies. That comes with the job of being in the public eye.

A girl once posted in another lash forum group about me. I wasn’t even part of the group. She was making up stuff to tear me and my brand down. Everything was hearsay. None of it was true.

Did it hurt when I got the screenshots of my community telling me about this girl?

Sure …

But then, I realized that I actually felt sorry for her. She must be of such poor character that the only way she got her fix was by cyberbullying others.

A lot of girls only have the guts to tell you what they think — ONLINE. They are hiding behind their keyboards. In their safe little space.

Once they are out in the open, they are losing all of their power and smile into your face as if they have never said a bad word about you. This happened to me with the same girl.


Because cyber bullies are just that. They have no real substance behind them. Usually, they are quite insecure about themselves.


Now I would like to take this opportunity to hopefully make you realize not to care about what others say about you or what you do.  

This also applies to real life.

So repeat this with me. Print it and frame it if you like.

Read these affirmations out loud EVERY SINGLE day!
  1. What others think about me is none of my business
  2. I am an intelligent, successful woman and no one else can touch me
  3. Negative people will always find a problem to the solution
  4. Haters are gonna hate. I am gonna embrace and love.
  5. Haters don’t have power over me. I shine bright, with my head held high!

When I feel a little bit low, I actually listen to Meghan Trainor’s song ” Me too”

It puts me in the right frame of mind for the day.

Please don’t give anyone the power to tear you down. If this ever happens within the Facebook Group, let me know and these people will be removed without warning!

You are amazing!

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