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Have you been searching for the right eyelash extension course Brisbane training? We believe that one of the secrets to unlocking your potential to grow a successful lash business is flexibility. That’s why we not only offer an incredible range of online courses to help you advance your skills to the next level but also in-person training at our Brisbane academy. This provides our students with a choice of how they want to learn, where they want to train and help them be in charge of their own time.

Getting the proper training from the start is the fastest way to learn how to get the best results, as well as the tips and tricks to succeed that a video on YouTube just isn’t going to tell you. Our courses are so in-depth that you’ll get to see everything from the role that finger placement and posture have on nailing the best techniques to marketing tips to start building your business.

If selecting our in-person courses, you’ll receive training first hand from our founder, Julia Mann. Each session takes place over one or two days which sets them apart from other courses, which don’t offer the same level of support or in-depth training. We have students attend our Lash Academy from all over Australia, as well as an international student base for our online courses, including New Zealand and the UK.

Why Enrol at Our Eyelash Extension Course Brisbane Academy?

  • Our in-person eyelash extension course Brisbane based training provides you with the opportunity to learn from an industry expert and practice your techniques on live models. Our students love having a safe environment to perfect their techniques and ask questions along the way.
  • Julia Mann runs our in-person eyelash extension course Brisbane academy training, and her down to earth character will put you at ease, helping you to feel supported throughout each session. Our students love working with her thanks to her patience, depth of knowledge and positive attitude, having built her six-figure business up from a home salon.
  • In-person courses include a number of amazing bonuses to help you such as training manuals, training kits, lifetime discounts on products in our Lash Tribe beauty shop and ongoing support in our exclusive inner circle.
  • Building a successful business isn’t just about having the right lash extension methods but marketing skills too. That’s why both our online and in-person eyelash extension course Brisbane training provides insight into growing your business, including starting online booking systems and the best angles for photos.
  • All of our training gives students exclusive access to our VIP Facebook Group whether learning online or at our eyelash extension course Brisbane academy.
  • If choosing our in-person eyelash extension course Brisbane based facility, you’ll also be given free, lifetime access to our online training modules for the same lash style.
  • To help you grow your business, you’ll find a treasure trove of beauty products in our online shop, including lash kits, pro tweezers, lash extension tools, accessories, manuals, make-up and much more!
  • Enjoy access to our eyelash extension course Brisbane live lash lessons to receive invaluable advice and tips from lash, brow and business experts, as well as never-before-seen-collaborations.
  • There are various eyelash extension course Brisbane payment options to give you flexibility, whether you want to pay in one go, or secure your course with a booking fee and pay over a few months.

Our in-person lash extension courses…

2-Day Russian Volume Mastery Course

If you want to become one of the most sought after lash extension artists in your local area, learning to master volume lashes is a MUST. In our two-day course, we make sure you get the support and attention you need, training in groups of six and under to ensure you get as much one on one support from our experts. We cover the six fanning techniques for success, the best eye-styling ideas, branding, advertising and more. The course is ideal for those who have a few months of experience in Classic Lashes (this training is available in online modules).

1-Day Advanced Styling & Mega Volume Training

After mastering Classic and Russian Volume Lashes, if you want to make your business as profitable as possible while providing the best treatments for your clients, this is the course for you. Correct styling techniques and mega volume lashes will help advance your skills to the next level of awesomeness, and you’ll even learn the secrets to the Kim K effect. This type of volume lashes are popular for things like competitions, special occasions and editorials.

Trainers Training

Our rewarding ‘trainers training’ course is for those who want to become an educator for lash extensions, earning you great money while helping others to advance their careers. It covers everything from creating your own curriculum to legal and insurance considerations.

Our Online Courses

Don’t forget about our online courses. Perhaps you’ve attended an in-person training course and now what to retake a look at some of the techniques you’ve seen. Or maybe you love the flexibility of learning online, allowing you to work at home at your own pace. We have a range of courses for you, including Classic Lashes, Russian Volume Lashes and Mega Lashes. You can also join our Lash Tribe Online Academy which provides access to more courses from one platform, as well as six-week business transformation training.

Take Your Business to the Next Level Now

If you’d like to enrol in any of the training at our eyelash extension course Brisbane academy, we have tonnes of information on our course pages, and you can book your place online. If you have any enquiries, get in touch now.

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