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Are you searching for the perfect eyelash extension course for you? It can be really difficult to find training which meets your requirements and ticks all the right boxes. Sometimes courses aren’t suitable for your existing skills or don’t offer the in-depth training you need to grow your business in the way you want. That’s why at Lash Tribe, we’ve developed a range of eyelashes extension courses to help you find the best option for you. Whether you’re a complete beginner, you’re looking to master a particular lash style, or you want to step up your business knowledge to start making more money, we’ve got you covered. This includes courses for Classic Lashes, Russian Volume Lashes and our 6-week BIZ Transformation training.

Unfortunately, many lash artists still think they can skip steps, only to realise why professional training is the only way in which they’re going to get the edge over their competitors. It’s the fastest, easiest way to get the results you want. Your clients are going to thank you when they see the incredible lashes you can create for them, and you’ll begin to steer your profitable business in the direction you want to take it in. Start dreaming BIG, become your own boss and grow your skillset faster than ever before.

When taking your first steps into Lash Tribe’s supportive community, you can choose your own path to success. This could be enrolling on a specific online course or even booking in-person training at our academy in Brisbane. What sets us apart from other lash extensions training providers is our in-house expertise, flexible learning options and the ongoing support we provide. We want to grow as a LASH TRIBE and conquer the beauty industry together.

Why Enrol on an Eyelash Extension Course with Us?

  • Whatever eyelash extension course you opt to complete, we have industry experts on hand who will provide you with the guidance you need to grow in confidence and advance your lash skills.
  • Our eyelash extension course programs are developed by those who have honed their skills over time and now want to share that knowledge with you.
  • Lash Tribe’s founder – Julia Mann – built her business from scratch. What started as a small lash and beauty service at home has now become a 6-figure eyelash extension course business, all while juggling a busy life with her family.
  • When choosing one of our courses, you’ll find flexible learning styles available to you, including in-person and online training. Our online modules allow instant access from any device, including mobiles, tablets and laptops. Learn in your own time, whether it’s at home, on the go or between clients.
  • Each eyelash extension course comes with a selection of bonuses for you to take advantage of. This includes e-books, videos and discounts on lash products in our online store which you’ll keep for life.
  • Our VIP Facebook group is one of our student’s favourite parts about the ongoing support they get when joining a Lash Tribe eyelash extension course. You’ll receive lifetime access to our group, in which we share everything from expert advice to live sessions with industry pros.
  • Not only do we have an eyelash extension course suitable for all skill levels, but we also provide business advice to transform your processes, pricing, marketing and help you become as profitable as you can.
  • Once you’ve successfully completed each eyelash extension course, you’ll find endless lash supplies in our online beauty collections. Get your hands on mixed trays, accessories, lash extension kits, adhesives, lighting solutions, tools, tweezers and much more.

Our lash extension courses…

Classic Lashes

As one of our most popular eyelash extensions courses, our beginner’s training is provided through online modules for easy learning. From lash tile set up to isolation and attachment techniques, you’ll find everything you need to master Classic Lashes. You could even combine this course with our Russian Volume Lashes training by purchasing our Kick Start Bundle.

Russian Volume Lashes

After Classic Lashes, once you’ve grown in confidence, why not move onto Russian Volume Lashes as the next logical step? This fuller lash style is going to help gain you more clients, but it’s important to learn the proper techniques to create this beautiful look. Select either online training or our 2-day, in-person course.

MEGA Volume Lashes

As one of the most advanced lash extension skills, our MEGA Volume Lashes course should only be undertaken by those artists already skilled in Russian Volume Lashes. You’ll learn how to get the practice you need to perfect this technique, tailor to eye shapes, price your sets and more. You can opt for online training or our 1-day, in-person course.

Pump Up the Volume Fan – Perfection

Struggling with fanning techniques or want more in-depth training than you’ve previously had? Our Pump Up the Volume Fan course is only for those already trained in Volume Lashing, who now want to improve their techniques.

Advanced Lashing & Eye Styling

Train in our Advanced Lashing and Eye Styling to tailor lashes as much as possible to each individual client. You’ll even learn how to create custom sets to match your client’s eyes.

Live Lash LessonsTM

Join us each month on Facebook to hear from some of the beauty industry’s leading lash experts, as well as business gurus who are going to help you unlock the secrets to success. Enjoy never before seen collaborations and receive endless student support when you join our inner circle.

Eye & Lash Health Certification

Educate your clients about their eye health, recognising when a skin or eye reaction may occur and when to turn clients away. It’s a great way to add to your specialist knowledge and build trust with your clients, knowing you’re putting their health first. You’ll receive two certifications after course completion.

Advance Your Career Now

If you’d like to choose an eyelash extension course, our sign up process is quick and easy. You can also get in touch with our team if you have any questions about our training. Join our Lash Tribe now!

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