I have never entered a Fantasy Eyelash Extensions Competition in my life.

My passion is training. I don’t care if I win a competition or I don’t , or at least so I keep telling myself.. cause face it… who doesn’t like winning and a nice trophy?! haha! Fantasy Eyelash Extensions Competition with Pixie Ambler.

But lately and when looking at someone like Pixie, who I am going to be talking to and about in this blog, it really makes me think if I should just take 2 days off ( that is a pretty standard time you need to do lashes on day 1 and the photo shoot the next day) and just do it.

More and more competitions are popping up all over the world just in the last 1.5 years. It’s really overwhelming and the standards are pretty high. To learn a little more about competitions I couldn’t think of anyone more competent to ask than Pixie.

Her imagination and work are amazing, so I asked her a few questions the other day, about her 1st Fantasy Eyelash Extensions Competition and what her future plans are. eyelash extensions competition

She will also give you her top tips if you are thinking about entering a comp.

Fantasy Eyelash Extensions Competition with Pixie Ambler.Hi Pixie, tell me a little about yourself. How long have you been doing Lashes for, where are you based and what is your business?

I started lashing in September 2014, as soon as I picked up the tweezers I was hooked and so began one of the biggest passions of my life. I wake up, I’m thinking of lashes, I go to bed… I’m thinking of lashes.

My husband thinks there’s something wrong with me. Once you’re bitten by the lash bug say goodbye to your life as you knew it! eyelash extensions competition



What sort of awards have you won in the past?

I started my first competition as a beginner, and won 1st place volume and 3rd place creative in the Lockslash Australian and New Zealand lash masters from there it was so much fun almost like a break from reality to get arty and create. eyelash extensions competition

To follow was

  • 2nd place world lash master
  • AS lashes fantasy winner
  • 2-3D lash master Lila & Flawless Lashes
  • 2015 lash artist of the year
  • Australia’s most creative lash artist
  • 2nd place creative Scottish conference – Lash inc
  • Avemo creative winner
  • 3rd place LILA Halloween
  • 1st place lash master- volume – luscious International
  • 2nd place Winner – master – trainer level – Lash Artists International



I recently secretly entered my girl at pixies lashes into a competition and her work came second place in classics beginner. So proud of her. eyelash extensions competition

I am hanging up my competition shoes for a while as I focus on judging competitions and running Australia & New Zealand’s Lash Championships and Australia and New Zealand’s first Live Lash Competition – Master Lash Empress

What made you start to do competitions?

When I first started lashing I admired the European lash art and perfect volume sets and all their trophies it gave me a goal to work towards reaching.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I find Pinterest to be my external main source of inspiration for creative lashing. With volume lashing my inspiration comes from the ability to push myself to do better and capture it. eyelash extensions competition

What would you say is the most important thing when entering a competition?

Clear light pictures, be careful of shadows. If your work cannot be judged properly from being too dark it will be skipped past. Also:

  • Show detail
  • Lashes in the right direction with smooth transitions
  • No fume irritated red eyes

Creativity it has to stand out from the rest, think of every detail in the photo. Details matter.

3 Tips you would give to someone who has never entered a competition?

  1. Be brave and go for it you have nothing to loose eyelash extensions competition
  2. Have good lighting with a plain light coloured background eg. White- cream (General lash competition)
  3. Capture the detail to show good connection at the base and your workmanship

Would you say that winning competitions has helped you grow your business?

Yes I would like to think it has. I know clients are proud their lash artists wins awards and they tell their friends my lash lady just won “this award” they are as proud of us as we are.

I know that you are also organising a Lash Comp at the moment. Can you tell me a little about it?

Sure. Master Lash Empress was created mid last year. After several conversations with friends I took the leap to make my passion in this a reality. In October 2016 I approached Lydia Kypros to see if her with her amazing business skills she would like to team up and help make my dream a reality. So in December 16′ Master Lash Empress was Announced. AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND’S FIRST LIVE LASH COMPETITION.

It will be held in Melbourne on October 14th. eyelash extensions competition

I can let out a little secret that Loreta Jasilionyte from Flawless Lashes will be a Guest Judge!

Fantasy Eyelash Extensions Competition with Pixie Ambler.

How can people get friends act with you?

We have so much to announce, come and join the Master Lash Empress group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/216549808712707

My business Instagram is


What have you got planed for the future? eyelash extensions competition

I approached Glamcor and said what I did and didn’t like about the Glamcor for lashing. They offered to make a custom light just for lashing which has one arm longer then the other for the opposite eye and is the brightest Glamcor on the market with 5 touch brightness settings. It can be found in the training link below.

I am working on my master classes for the experienced lash artist where intakes will be by application and only the passionate with a desire to push to the next level will be accepted

Pixie and the O.W.L.S is a finesse training for the passionate.

Opulent- World-class- Lashing- Society eyelash extensions competition



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