Professional Lash Training & Why It’s the Right Option for You

Looking for eyelashes extension courses? Many people dream of escaping the 9 to 5 and becoming their own boss. Who wouldn’t want to define their hours, do something they love and start living life the way they want to? If you want to expand your lash and beauty business, finding the right training course is essential. It will save you time, money and also help you to steer your career in the direction you want it to go. This means finding lash courses which not only focus on advancing your skills but offer business insight and ongoing support. Here at Lash Tribe, Julia Mann and her team offer exactly that. Our goal is to grow together, sharing the knowledge and advice which will help us all thrive at doing what we love.

Investing in professional eyelash extensions courses is one of the best ways to start getting the results you want, from the reaction you get from your clients to creating a profitable business. You can use lash extensions training to your advantage whatever experience you have, even if you’re a beginner, hoping to take your business to the next level or you want to top up your skills with the latest techniques. Whether it’s unlocking the secrets of how to use social media to find new clients or understanding the advanced tips and tricks of using high-quality lash supplies, your customers will love the new and improved, beautiful lashes you produce.

We provide a wide range of lash extensions courses so that you can find the training you need. Many of our students go on to complete all of our courses as they develop their skills and grow their client base. We have one-off courses available, complete packages, in-person Brisbane eyelash extension course options and tonnes of online training modules to explore. This means you can learn in the way you want, in a format that’s right for you. Everything is available through one easy to access platform here on our site. Our courses include training for Classic Lashes, Russian Volume Lashes, MEGA Volume Lashes, our 6-Week BIZ Transformation and much more.

Why Join Our Eyelashes Extension Courses?

  • CHOICE – We pride ourselves on offering our students as much choice as possible. As well as our online and in-person eyelashes extension courses, you can also access live sessions with business gurus and lash experts, joining a growing online community for support.
  • FLEXIBILITY – When looking at our eyelashes extension courses, you’ll see our programs are designed with flexibility in mind. We know how hard it is to juggle busy lives, especially if you have a family and career. Therefore, we provide a wide range of options so that you can train around your other responsibilities.
  • LEARN ANYWHERE – Our online eyelashes extension courses allow you to learn in your own time. Access the training from any device such as a laptop, tablet or mobile. So if you want to sit down quietly and watch at home in the evening or learn between clients while at your salon, it’s easy to structure your training around your individual needs.
  • ALL SKILL LEVELS – We want you to build a business you love, whatever stage of your career you’re at. We have students join us who are complete lash beginners, as well as those who have been in the industry for years who would like some more advanced training or business advice.
  • FEEL EMPOWERED – As well as showing you the advanced techniques and the theory behind each lash extension style, our eyelashes extension courses empower you to use your new-found skills, installing the confidence in you to propel your business onto the next steps.
  • INSTANT ACCESS – If you’ve selected any of our online eyelashes extension courses, there’s no need to wait for a start date. You’ll get instant access to our modules, so if you feel like you want to dive straight in, go right ahead!
  • SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY – Our students love becoming part of the Lash Tribe community on our VIP Facebook group. It’s here that you’ll find lots of expert help and advice, as well as support from other lash professionals on the same journey as you. That’s why we call ourselves a Lash Tribe!
  • BONUS FEATURES – Each of our eyelashes extension courses offer you bonus features to enhance your training and Lash Tribe experience as much as possible. This includes informative videos, e-books to download and a lifetime discount when buying lash products from our online beauty store.
  • EXPERT TRAINERS – Our eyelashes extension courses have been developed by Julia Mann, who has years of experience building up her lash business from scratch. She knows all about the pitfalls and challenges along the way, as well as the little golden nuggets of expertise which are going to tip the balance into success!
  • REACH BUSINESS GOALS – While you can develop your awesome skills on our eyelashes extension courses, if you want to focus on the business side of your services, we have a 6-week BIZ Transformation course ideal for you. We’ll help you to master your brand, customers, marketing and even your time!

Choose an eyelash extension course…

Classic Lashes Course

Become a master in Classic Lashes through our online training modules. Classic eyelash extensions are the perfect place to start for beginners. We cover everything from the lash growth cycle and lash products you’ll need, through to the best Classic Lashes application techniques, pricing and aftercare. We’ve got you covered! Get the proper, professional training you need from the comfort of your own home. If you’re keen to advance as much as possible or update your skills, why not purchase our Kick Start Bundle which combines our two most famous courses – Classic Lashes and Russian Volume Lashes.

Russian Volume Lashes Course

Once you’ve mastered Classic Lashes, the obvious next step to take is to train in Russian Volume Lashes. These fuller, fluffier extensions are going to send your clients wild and make you some real money, so we want to show you the secret to Russian Volume perfection. Our trainers have put together the perfect blend of modules for you to learn how to produce outstanding results. This includes looking at eye shapes and styling, the 8 Volume fanning techniques you don’t want to miss and how to create a dark lash line. Choose our online training or our in-person, 2-day Russian Volume Mastery course.

MEGA Volume Lashes Course

Once you’re more experienced in Russian Volume Lashes, this is the next course you’re going to want to take. It’s one of the most advanced lash extension skills out there, taking time, patience and a lot of practice. However, we’re going to show you some of the best ways to achieve gorgeous MEGA Volume Lashes, including how to work efficiently and improve your precision. We’ll even cover pricing for your sets, ways to practice and how to save a split fan. Choose between our online modules or an in-person, 1-day course.

Pump Up the Volume Fan – Perfection Course

If you’re already a Volume Lash artist but would like to top up your skills, learn techniques in greater depth or produce better results, this is the course for you. Our Pump Up the Volume Fan – Perfection course is also a lifeline for anyone who’s struggling with Volume fanning techniques. We cover everything from correct fan attachment to dipping your fan correctly. The course is yours for LIFE, so access modules again whenever you need to.

Live Lash LessonsTM

Our support group offers you the chance to enjoy exclusive live training from some of the industry’s best trainers. Every single month, a lash expert will take to the stage across our live Facebook feed, showing you the latest trends or giving their insight into how to grow your lash business.

Eye & Lash Health Certification Workshop

Join our masterclass training to become a leading eye and lash specialist. We’ll show you how to recognise when it’s time for clients to STOP wearing lashes. While we all want lifetime customers, when reactions happen, it’s bad for your client and your business, so we want to help you educate them. We’ll teach you about recognising eye conditions, when to recommend your client should see their doctor and ways to look for skin reactions and prevent allergies. After successful completion, you’ll receive two certificates from the Eye and Lash Health Institute, USA.

Advanced Lashing & Eye Styling Course

Get the edge over other lash artists by learning some of the best Advanced Lashing and Eye Styling techniques. In this course, you’ll learn about in-depth styling methods, lashes for different eye shapes and creating a custom set of lashes ideal for each client.

Advance Your Lash Business Now – Join the Lash Tribe

If you’re feeling inspired, why not enrol on one of our eyelashes extension courses? There’s tonnes of course information across our site, an easy sign-up process and we’d love to answer any questions you have about the training. Contact us now to speak to Lash Tribe’s amazing team.

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