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Finding the perfect location to open up your lash business. 

From home salon to salon in 2024

Hi Lovelies!

After 14 years of running a home salon, 2 academies and physical stores, and pouring my heart into every lash and brow, evolving my business meant finding a new space that matched my current situation.

(For you, the might be the leap from a home-based salon to a larger, more professional space.)

For me it meant to sell my large academy and renting in a huuuge co-working space, called  Salon Lane, in Brisbane.

This move wasn’t just about finding a new space; it was about rediscovering my passion for working hands-on with clients in a community of like-minded professionals.  It was paramount to find a location where my ideal customer would be present already, so I didn’t have to go out looking for them. 

The Impact of Location on Your Lash Business

Starting a business in today’s fluctuating economic climate isn’t just about having a great idea or top-notch skills; it’s also significantly influenced by where you decide to establish your roots. Let’s break it down:

Urban vs. Rural: Know Your Market

Choosing an urban area might seem attractive due to higher foot traffic and visibility, but it also comes with higher rent and intense competition. Rural areas may offer lower costs but consider if the local market has the spending power to afford premium lash services. It’s all about balance and understanding your demographic.

High Rent Districts: The Cost of Prestige

For example, I chose Teneriffe for my new venture, an area known for its well-off residents. While this means potentially higher earnings, the rent prices reflect this prestige. If you’re starting fresh, ensure you have a financial cushion to sustain the initial months without the pressure of immediate high turnover. 

Flexibility Through Co-Working or Subletting

Not ready to commit to a high rent? Look into co-working spaces like Salon Lane or sublet a space within an existing salon. Share a space. This can significantly reduce initial costs and provide flexibility. Collaborations with establishments that don’t offer lash services can also open doors to a ready clientele that might be interested in your services.

Research and Strategy

Understanding the local market is crucial. Researching not just the demographics and spending power, but also the competition, will give you a clearer picture of what to expect. 

Opening in an area with numerous other lash studios might require you to work harder to differentiate your services and build a loyal client base.

Choosing the right location is about more than just the physical space—it’s about setting your business up for success by being strategic about every factor that location influences.

Whether it’s the type of clients you will attract, the prices you can charge, or the competition you’ll face, each element plays a crucial role in your business story. 

Starting your lash business in 2024 and 2025 means thinking ahead, planning with precision, and understanding that where you start can determine where you’ll go. You can also check this Digital Wealth Academy course so you can expand your business this 2024! 

So choose wisely, plan thoroughly, and let’s make 2024 as well as 2025 a year of growth and success in the world of lash artistry!

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