The other day, while I was browsing through my Facebook newsfeed, I came across an article with the title, “3 things holding me back”. For a moment, that short line was able to stop my thoughts, made me take a look deep within and muster the courage to ask that thought-provoking question to myself.

I was able to delve into some deeply personal and business-related issues and realized that this method of self-talk can actually bring forth positive developmental effects to one’s health.

So, I decided to share this question with my Facebook community and asked them;

“What’s keeping you from becoming the successful person you hope to become?

 Most of us set a goal or a dream and then weeks or months later, we tend to shelf it back into our minds because we do not act on them. And we keep asking ourselves, why does this keep on happening?

They say that as soon as you set a goal, you essentially will be presented with 3 things that will stop you. And most of us, don’t realize what these are and we are left with unaccomplished goals and shattered dreams.

 What do you think are the 3 main things that hold you back from achieving your dreams?”

My Lash Tribe community resonated with the question and openly answered what their fears are.

A common theme is the fear of failure.

And I can absolutely relate to this. Honestly, I think we can all relate to this. We are naturally born to thrive and the society pushes us to become successful in terms of career, family and in every aspect of our lives. But honestly, it’s difficult, right?

Oftentimes, it even seems impossible. It can get frustrating especially in the type of world we are currently living in; the competition, the doubt, negative surrounding environment etc.

I can definitely relate this to my lash business especially when I first started. Actually, there are still some instances when I am doing eyelash extensions that I stop and think about some frustrations and problems I am facing. Yes, it can get pretty rough — my success in the lash business didn’t happen overnight. Until now, I am still learning, I am treating each day as a new experience and challenge.

But what stuck with me are these comments from my lovely lash sisters:

“It’s always fear of failure, but I swallow it down and go balls to the wall. I don’t let it stop me.”

“Once you take the first step, everything else comes after. Just don’t give up.”

I then realized, even though life seems to crush us into pieces most of the time, we just have to take a firm stand, be strong and don’t give up.

I think EVERYONE is afraid of failure. It’s human nature. That alone should tell you that nothing is wrong with you and that everybody, when faced with challenges beyond their comfort zone can feel scared.

However, a lot of people have tricked their minds into using this inevitable fear and used it for their advantage.

Here are 3 Simple Ways to Conquer your Fear of Failure:

1.Where did it come from?

In order for you to face your fear, you should first understand why you are afraid of it. Investigating the root the problem is a great way to get to know yourself more.

Ask yourself the 5W’s and 1H: What, when, where, why and how did these feelings start? What triggers them?

I think the best way to do this is through meditation. You can take a look at your beliefs and principles because they play a huge role in how you live your life

2.Know that Failure is Inevitable

You cannot avoid failure. Even the brightest minds and successful people went through failures before they have attained success. If you are looking to live a passionate, meaningful and purposeful life, then expect failure to be part of it.

However, you should not let the fear of failure win. Fight through it! Yes, sometimes it can be overwhelming and devastating but with these tough times, you also grow. You grow and become a better version of you.

Because honestly, the opposite of failure is giving up and that is far more devastating. That is not an option. Needless to say, if you want to achieve the life you are dreaming of, failure will also come along with it.

3.Act on your Fear of Failure, Positively

We are so lucky now that we live in the digital age. Everything is at the touch of our fingertips. So instead of wasting it on unproductive things, why not channel these resources into something powerful and useful.

Learn and grow!

For instance, I had no prior business experience and didn’t know any tools that could support a business. Yes, of course, I was afraid to fail! I was so terrified! But I kept on thinking that this is my passion and I want to pursue it but honestly, I had that nagging feeling that I may fail at this venture.

But instead of letting the fear eat me, I molded it into somewhat of my motivation. I enrolled in courses, attended seminars and researched everything that I needed. I invested in self-growth and education and luckily, I was able to accomplish what I intended.

I hope these simple steps can be of help to you and don’t worry your pretty little heads, your Lash Tribe Community is always here to listen and support you.

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