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How to make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer.

Today, I would like to talk about a topic that is probably one of the most talked about within the eyelash extension industry.ow to make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

Lash Retention 

Here are my TOP 6 reason why your retention might suck: 

1.Unregulated Surroundings

Are you are doing the lashes at the perfect temperature and the perfect humidity and perfect ventilation? What that means is, lash glue actually doesn’t dry by the air. It doesn’t work if you hold a fan onto the lashes for them to dry once you have put a lash onto a natural lash. The way that glue dries or sets is with moisture/humidity. This is called polimerisation  The glue, once exposed to outside factors, will polimerise and get hard and that happens with humidity.How to make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

If your room and your lash room are super humid, the faster the glue will set. If you work in a room that is totally humid and you’re not working fast enough to dip and get the lash on, then you will find that the client will most likely lose the lashes within the next two to four days.

That happens a lot and people say, How to make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

“I have just started eyelash extensions and every time I do a set, the clients come back to me and say, ‘Oh, my lashes have fallen out.'”


This is usually one of the first things that I say.  Is your humidity at the right point? This is something that you can check with the manufacturer of the glue and also your supplier. You just ask them “What is the best humidity as well as room temperature,” because that plays a big part as well, “for this glue that I’m using at the moment?” The way you can measure humidity within your room is by getting a hygrometer.

The hygrometer doesn’t regulate it, the hygrometer tells you at what humidity your room is at. The way that you can regulate it is if your room isn’t humid enough and it takes too long for the lashes to dry, you can do a few things: How to make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

  • boil a kettle while it’s open
  • buy a humidifier
  • Use a Nebuliser
  • Soak two cotton rounds in water , squeeze out the access and out them under the eyes.

A nebulizer pours out a really, really fine fog or mist, with a particle size that’s so small that they will not lie on top of the lashes. It will actually go within the lash and it will cure the lash glue faster. If your room isn’t humid enough, this is something you can do as well.

Don’t get something that has a bigger particle size than five. This is something that you can see on the packaging when you buy it because if you get something that has a particle size too big, you can call something that is called shock curing. If you shock-cure the glue, it will cause a blooming effect.

What that does is basically turn the bond off the lash to the natural lash wide and it will crack a lot easier because it’s fragile and it dried too quickly, not over curing the lashes with too much humidity is also possible which can then also lead to premature lash loss.


Then if you have the perfect humidity for your glue but your glue is still setting too fast, that means you’re working a little bit too slow and you just have to become a little bit faster, so you need to practise lashing as much as you can, obviously. How to make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

If your room is too humid, the only two options that you can use.

The 1st it to have an air conditioning installed. However, the risk with that is that you cool down the room too much and then the glue will not set fast enough because the temperature, as I said, also plays a big part. The perfect temperature in lash rooms usually vary anywhere between 20 and 24, 25 degrees.

Any higher and the humidity being higher as well will make the glue set too fast and any lower, you will sit there and wait for it to dry and then you start applying new lashes and then it gets sticky which means lashes, neighbouring lashes, get stuck to each other because it’s just not setting fast enough and then when you push over the lashes, then another lash is not dry quite enough and may stick to the neighbouring lash. How to make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

2.Buy a dehumidifier.

These are quite big and they are a few hundred dollars depending on where you get them. These are really the only two options to have. Maybe even a window opened if it’s really dry outside, but it wouldn’t be humid in your room if it wasn’t also humid outside. Usually, when it’s rained and it’s really humid and muggy and really yucky outside, then your lash room automatically will be more humid as well. How to make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

2. Poor Lash Prep

Something else that I see happen all the time is that people don’t prep the lashes properly. You need to use an eyelash extension cleanser on your clients, on every single application. Not just for a new set but also for refills. We get lazy and we think,

“I’ll just put eye pads on and use a little bit of primer,”


but that’s not enough. We need to: How to make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

  1. Clean with a proper lash cleanser
  2. Rinse with saline solution or sterilised water
  3. Apply a primer

If the client has really oily skin, which is another reason why we have premature lash loss, sometimes they have quite large pores and and oily T-zone.

Half of those clients may not always be suitable for lashes and their lashes may not last as long. If you know that you have a really oily skin client, I always recommend to prime. I don’t always prime but with really oily skin clients I prime a lot and do tell them as well that their lashes may not last as long and they will have to come back more for refills on a regular basis, every week or every 10 days, instead of coming every two or three weeks.

3. Clients Aftercare How to make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

Another reason for lashes to not last as long is the aftercare of the client. If the client has a really, really bad aftercare, the lashes will not last as long. They may use a lot of mascara, they may use oily skin care products which kind of don’t work really well with the glue as it will disintegrates it a little bit faster. Make sure you show and tel your clients how to look after their Lashes. HERE is a great video and blog post on how to clean your own lashes properly. Share this one with your clients 🙂

4.Old Lash Glue How to make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

Another point of why the lashes may fall out quicker is that your lash glue isn’t fresh enough. Fresh lash glue is the best to use for the first week or two. After three or four weeks, they start to polimerise within the bottle from the opening up, closing, opening, closing, opening, closing because the humidity goes within the bottle every time you open it, so the glue will start to polimerise inside.

A good way to see if the glue isn’t as fresh anymore is if you just hold the bottle upside down and squeeze out a few times and if it keeps coming out really stringy and quite thick, most of the glue’s consistency should be more on a thinner side, so if it’s really thick and if it’s over three or four weeks old, I would toss it and get a new glue because that glue, that old glue that you’re now using on those lashes, it has already started to polimerise and it’s not going to last as long as fresh glue would. How to make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

5.Not enough glue used/poor application

Another option could be that you’re not applying enough glue to the eyelash extensions and they’re just not bonded as well, so make sure that you practise your lashing and your application. You have to have the lash attached to the lash, flush and parallel with the lash, attaching along the first 1’4 of the lash..How to make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

If you attach the lash crooked and not parallel and in line with the natural lash it’s not going to have that bond that it needs to last.

If you apply the lashes on a really weird angle or only a tiny bit of it is applied to the natural lash, it’s going to brush out much faster than if you were to have a really good bond where you have a good amount of glue touching the lashes. How to make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

6. Lash Shedding

Another reason why your lashes may not last as long and this is something that we can’t really foresee is a lash shed. Let’s say your client comes back after two or three weeks and they have lost almost all their lashes on one eye, first of all, it could be that you’re not lashing fast enough to that eye. If you’re right-handed and you’re lashing the right eye, you go there much faster.

When you’re lashing the left eye, it will take a little bit longer to get there, so make sure that you have a good speed, first of all, but the second one could be that no matter what eye uses most of the lashes, that they went through a lash shed. A lash shed basically happens when the seasons change. A lash shed can also happen with hormones.

If a client is on a hormone replacement therapy or they take any growth hormones for their eyes or they have eyedrops or serums that make the lashes grow faster and fall out faster and shed, then it can happen on one eye because every lash has their own lash growth cycle. It could happen on the other eye next time, so take not of that. If a client comes back and one eye is too perfect and the other one isn’t, it could be because it’s applied to the eye where you take longer to go to or it could have been a lash shed. How to make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

Lash shedding also happens with stress. It’s hormonal imbalance. It’s not just change of seasons which most of people think that is the reason, but it’s not. It could be medication they have gone on. As I said, HRT, hormone replacement therapy, is a big factor.

I really hope this cleared up a little bit of the confusion about why lashes aren’t lasting as long. I really hope that you’re going to work on that. Work on your speed. Make sure you have fresh glue and that the temperature, the humidity are perfect. You also need to cleanse properly and make sure that you tell the client to look after the lashes appropriately as well. xxx How to make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer


Julia Mann

International Eyelash Extensions Trainer, Lash Tribe

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Skype: juliamann81
Stay awesome and don’t forget to sparkle! xxx

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