Abundance vs. Scarcity Mindset, the Law of Attraction and how to grow a successful Eyelash Extension Business utilizing those 2 principles.

I’m pretty sure a lot of you are familiar with the concept of Abundance vs. Scarcity.  Nope? In this blog you will learn how to grow a successful Eyelash Extension Business by using these 2 powerful mindset principles.

Ok , let me explain.. Quick example: Eyelash Extension Business

Someone who thinks abundant thinks and feels that there are enough clients for everyone. They don’t care what others do. They work with their competition if need be to achieve even higher goals

1. Tip Abundance vs. Scarcity Mindset 

Their positivity is contagious.

Someone who has a scarcity mindset has only themselves they think off. They don’t want to share any of their secrets, they are closed off and they think that if they don’t get this one client someone else will. They hate sharing and looking outside of the box. Eyelash Extension Business

The world we live in focuses more on shitty little things, competition and “That’s mine, do not cross me” type thoughts, rather than expansion and opening up their arms to other opportunities, working with others for example. 
Our society revolves around competition and some people thrive on but a number don’t come out alive. Basically, this is a norm in the world. It sucks. No wonder so many businesses fail and people are depressed and angry.

The notion is that when you manifest a mindset of abundance instead of the idea on scarcity, positive rewards will come forth in your life — whether it be in personal relationships, the success of your business or in inner peace and confidence. Eyelash Extension Business

How to grow a successful eyelash extensions business

So, basically: Flip your mindset and allow the positive effects of abundance thinking reap its rewards.  Easy right? Not so much.

Took me years to adapt!

But let me tell you, now that I know, having a mindset of abundance can enable you to have an empowered sense of confidence and optimism towards your self, career, and relationships — in every aspect of your life.  How much money can you make doing eyelash extensions? Well, it totally depends on your mindset and how hard you work, how much you study and how much you give back to others. Extension Business

Flipping on the abundance from the scarcity mindset can enlighten and rejuvenate you in becoming more positive, creative and enthused towards your environment. And with that, your internal and external environment will also give out a positive vibration.  For real! Try it!

“When you focus on lack and scarcity and what you don’t have, you fuss about it with your family, you discuss it with your friends, you tell your children that you don’t have enough – “We don’t have enough for that, we can’t afford that” – then you’ll never be able to afford it, because you begin to attract more of what you don’t have. If you want abundance, if you want prosperity, then focus on abundance. Focus on prosperity.”

Today, I am planting the abundance mindset on my personal as well as my professional life.

I developed a pretty great understanding on the concept of ‘not getting something right now doesn’t mean that you wont have it in the future.’ Basically, the abundance mindset achieves the long-term goals as well. Eyelash Extension Business

When I opened the Lash Tribe Group on Facebook, it opened me to a lot of possibilities in developing my abundance mindset. Of course I had it before, but hell, it wasn’t even as close to being developed as it is now, 1.5 years later. It allowed me to create a positive atmosphere towards others.


I feel genuinely happy whenever I help out others in the lash business especially the beginners, setting up eyelash extension business.  It feels pretty amazing! It’s kinda exhilarating you know? Eyelash Extension Business

I am sharing what I have and know with others. For FREE. Now this also developed to be the core basis of my online and in-person trainings. I go above and beyond. I hear it a lot that I do. But I love it. I don’t see it as work.

If I help out others and share my knowledge and techniques, I know that I have somehow improved that person’s life. And somehow this will come back to me one day.

I invest in each of my clients because I know the importance of the courses to them.

Ask and you shall receive.  Eyelash Extension Business

It’s not a “Thanks, hand over your money” thing like a lot of lash trainings these days are unfortunately. And you know what, once you’ve developed the habit of sharing, you’ll see that others are also willing to share their own skills, insights and experiences. A true testament to that is the amazing Lash Tribe Facebook group I started. Each and every member of that support group is lending a hand whenever someone needs it.

2. Tip: The Law of Attraction 

A book by Rhonda Byrne called ‘The Secret’ shows how the principles of the Law of Attraction, when used correctly, can effectively grant your desired goals and dreams. Seems a bit airy fairy, I know. But it totally works. Eyelash Extension Business

“You will attract everything that you require. If it’s money you need you will attract it. If it’s people you need you’ll attract it. You’ve got to pay attention to what you’re attracted to, because as you hold images of what you want, you’re going to be attracted to things and they’re going to be attracted to you. But it literally moves into physical reality with and through you. And it does that by law. The law of attraction.”

Now, here’s how the Law of Attraction worked for me:

Before I started with Lash Tribe, I was really missing ongoing support, updated knowledge etc. with my eyelash extension business from home. I was shocked by the amount of bad trainings and training Videos out there. Shocked. So I decided that I wanted to create a tribe of lash techs that would help each other for FREE without having to spend thousands of $$$ for a little tip.

I wanted to pass on my knowledge and skills to others. So basically, I trained and offered a support group to others who were a little lost and willing to learn. You can learn more about my story here.

Thus, I manifested. I did a lot of business training courses, learnt about Facebook Groups and how to run them and visualized that I’ll be able to develop training courses, become even more of an expert on eyelash extensions and know the ins-and-outs of the business sector whilst also helping others. It was actually a WIN-WIN situation.

But most importantly, I acted towards my goal.

Action is a key element to any manifestation. Without action, there is nothing. See your manifestations come to life — crush those goals and believe that it could happen! Because it can!

Eyelash Extension Business

 So, what I am trying to say with all this is:” Have a vision, think abundant and take action” and the rest will fall into place.

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