In the vibrant heart of Teneriffe, Brisbane, Lash Tribe has been pioneering the way in lash education. Since the launch of our groundbreaking Educator’s Certification Training Course in 2024, the influx of inquiries has been overwhelming – a clear sign of the booming interest in lash training globally. To address your curiosity and provide detailed insights, I’ve crafted both a blog and a vlog answering the most frequently asked questions about becoming a Lash Trainer and Educator, not just in Australia but worldwide.

Dreaming of shaping the future of lash artistry? The first thing that likely pops into your mind is ‘INSURANCE’. Let’s dive into that and much more, ensuring you’re fully equipped to embark on this exciting journey in the world of lash training.

Do I need my training and assessment certificate?

At the moment, nobody knows where the industry is going. There are courses which are called a unit of competency. It is part of a beauty package which is nationally accredited. There is something like that in Australia. 

However, you do not have to have that accreditation because it is so unregulated in Australia. Yes, you read that right; You do not need your training and assessment certificate.

But if you are ever thinking about training others and you want to give them a certificate stating that they passed the course or they are nationally accredited, you as a trainer cannot give your students any of these certificates.

It is illegal to do so. 

Can we handout certificates?

At the moment with Lash Tribe, we hand out certificates and saying you have successfully passed the Lash Tribe requirements.. Basically, it’s a certificate of attendance. 

Now, if you want to work for an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) or you are already working for one, I know there are a few trainers in Australia that work for TAFE, you need to have your Training and Assessment Certificate. 

If you have done your TAE, a few years back, it is no longer valid. It has been superseded by some new units that you have to add. 

But it is very important to know that your Training and Assessment Certificate does not teach you how to be a Lash trainer.

Therefore, this is where our online Lash Tribe Course comes in with NALA. 

I am showing people how to actually be a good Lash Trainer and what needs to be included in their curriculum. 

Whether you want to do your TAE or not, really depends on if you ever want to train accredited training. That means you need to come up with the training, and you need to have that actually verified by the government. 

First of all, you deliver your own curriculum that you developed for your brand, like Lash Tribe, and then you teach it to others. So, you include all of the knowledge that you know, everything you’ve learned over the years, and you put that into your own curriculum so that others can be the best possible Lash artists. 

This way, you do not need your Training and Assessment Certificate but remember, you cannot hand out certificates that say that they are accredited nationally.

I believe this is very similar in the UK.

When developing your own curriculum, you are required to follow the guidelines of the government-approved curriculum. But their standards are very basic and if you want to be a good Lash Trainer and you want to be well known in the industry, you need to teach more than what that accreditation offers because honestly, it’s very, very basic.

 So if you want to be a good trainer, you can definitely do your TAE and write your own program. Then, get it accredited and you can teach others that very same course, and accredit them. This basically means that you’re teaching a government accredited course. 

Hence, if you teach other things within this course that is outside of the scope, they won’t allow you to do that. 

Another option?

You can buy a course that is already accredited. 

You just have to redo your questions because there is a certain form you have to follow, a certain way that you have to follow and do all of your assessments.

Again, the issue I have with accredited training is that it’s very basic, and if it’s basic, you can add another day or two, but then you have to tell the students that it’s not part of the actual accreditation process. 

If you want to be a Lash Trainer and you are not doing accredited training and you haven’t got your TAE, you will not be able to get insured. 

Insurance is, what they want to see is. 

They want to see that you are competent at training others and the TAE provides the student with that. You need to do your TAE so that you can actually be insured. 

Insurance is the number one problem. 

Unfortunately, a lot of salons are not insured. But if you are a trainer, you need to have insurance. 

And remember, you also need to be insured once your student leaves your academy. For example, your student does lashes on a client and the client goes blind for whatever reason and sues. The student can now go back to you and include you in the legal battles and say, “Well, this person at this academy taught me how to do it, and that’s her fault; this is why my client is now blind. I was taught that way.” 

Yes, this happens and this is why YOU NEED to have insurance. 

Now, up until just recently, a lot of the insurances wanted, or still do, that you do your Training and Assessment Certificate. This is the reason. Now the thing is, and that’s the joke about it, your Training and Assessment Certificate doesn’t teach you how to teach others lashes. 

So, this is why I brought the NALA Certification Course over to Australia to teach lash artists how to teach others how to do lashes properly and I have partnered up with insurers that will insure you because they are very happy about the training curriculum that I have shown them. 

Many of the students who have attended the Educator’s Certification Course Training already are now insured.

Some of them already had their TAE; some of them now don’t have to get it.

And just an important note, the only training that is ever accredited is actually Classic Lash training. There’s no volume accreditation. So, if you want to train others in lashing and you only want to teach them Volume Lashing, don’t waste your time because there’s no accredited training for volume.

By the end of the year, Lash Tribe will offer accredited Classic Training in RPL and also some brow training and accredited brow training. 

Exciting times!

If you have any other questions, just leave a comment down below.

PS: If you want to Develop Your Own Lash Training Program, Produce Your Own Training Manual and Open Your Own Lash Academy, join us at the Educator’s Certification Course.